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Explore the New Vehicle Lineup at Quinn Motors in Gloucester, VA

Whenever it's time for you to find a reliable upgrade for your daily vehicle, our Gloucester, VA Jeep, Dodge and Ram dealership is the place to be. We have a wide variety of stunning sports cars, versatile and safe SUVs and minivans for the family on the go, and some of the best trucks on the market. Better yet, when you visit us from nearby in Norfolk or decide to shop primarily online, you'll have an easy time finding and buying the best match for your budget, sense of style and travel needs. See what we currently have available, and learn how we can easily order specific models and editions that we may not have in stock so you can upgrade to the new Jeep Cherokee, Dodge Challenger or Ram 1500 that excites you.

Dodge Sports Cars Delight Your Performance Minded Style

With the new Dodge lineup found here in Gloucester, you'll find two legendary, American-made sports cars that harken back to the days of classic two- and four-doors. The updated versions of the new Dodge Challenger and Charger bring tons of tradition in terms of styling, inside and out, all with updated capabilities and tech to make your high-performance thrill rides truly memorable. The thrilling V-6 and V-8 setups for the Challenger coupe and the Charger sedan give you those high-end performance levels that you'll truly appreciate having when cruising on the open roads of Gloucester and Norfolk, while the styling matches that specific attitude you'll only find with a Dodge car.

Treat Your Family to a Safe and Sensible SUV or Minivan

When it comes to finding something safe and sensible for your family, we have plenty of options. Our flagship minivan, the new Chrysler Pacifica is a great way to go for all kinds of family travels, whether you're simply running errands around town with the kids in tow, or taking off on a longer road trip. With ample space, easily adjustable seating, convenient access through the side sliding doors or the rear liftgate and tons of amenities, the new Pacifica is a delight for the family driver.

The new Jeep SUV lineup, meanwhile, provides you with ample options for the family. The new Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokee are perfect examples of what the Jeep brand is all about, providing you with options for all-wheel or four-wheel drive, plenty of safety features and other convenience-minded amenities that will help you immensely during your family driving around Norfolk. Versions of the new Jeep Wagoneer, Compass and Renegade also work perfectly for family travels of any kind.

Adventure Better With the New Jeep Wrangler

For all kinds of off-road thrills and excitement, the new Jeep Wrangler is the way to go. As the class-leader for off-road-oriented SUVs, the Wrangler offers several editions and styles for you to choose from. Change things up with the Wrangler-based Jeep Gladiator truck, or see if an adventurous style of the small Renegade or any other in our Jeep lineup will work for all kinds of excitement when you head off the beaten path around Norfolk and Gloucester.

Explore the New Ram Truck Lineup

For some of the best full-sized pickups on the market, you'll be excited to see what we have available here in our new Ram truck lineup in Gloucester. The flagship Ram 1500 offers several styles and setups with various cab setups, bed sizes and special editions, while the heavy-duty options in this lineup provide you with commercial-grade towing and hauling capabilities. As always, we'll be able to order the specific Ram 1500 or heavy-duty pickup that you need, even if you don't see the exact edition in our lineup.